Feasibility and market studies are the smart investment choices before the developing any concept. These studies are carried out to understand the risks and opportunities involved with the selected area in order to make an informed decision of what potential concepts should be developed. Our feasibility and market studies consist of an in-depth data collection and analysis of important factors of the area such as demographics, economic climate and local and international competition. By the end of our study, we will recommend the best concept direction to proceed with to our clients.

Transformation Workshop

  •     Aligning executive team on the importance of transformation
  •     Framework and key theories
  •     Real-life examples

Change Management

  •     Transformation office structure
  •     Organisational change roadmap 
  •     Disruptive business model
  •     Monitoring practices

Design Thinking Playbook

  •     9 stage innovation project process
  •     21 step action roadmap
  •     50+ customer centric tools to develop efficient solutions
  •     Clear descriptions, guidance and checklists


  •     Technological Assessment Within the Organisation
  •     Technology Adoption Recommendations 
  •     Strategic Action Roadmap


  •     Integrating technological solutions into existing infrastructure
  •     Adopting organisational changes to transition to the new systems
  •     Performance management & milestone tracking



Digitalisation is no longer a commodity, it is a necessity. To survive and thrive in the ever-changing consumer world companies need to enhance their agility, speed and transparency. However, many employees naturally resist technological advancement because it presents changes as well as cause worrisome of making certain jobs obsolete. Savvy IQ strives to combine both people and technology and harness digitalisation in every sphere to create a more efficient and productive environment for the employees. Replacing mundane manual tasks with automation, improving data collection and applying innovative and exciting technologies lead to more accurate and faster decision making and responsiveness, and higher customer satisfaction.


Intrapreneurship Model


Having multiple business units to operate makes it increasingly difficult to treat them as individual stores and distinguish each of its own character. Nowadays many customers are turning their backs on franchised restaurants because they find them lacklustre. With the rise of “Foodies” around the world people are seeking more meaning, aesthetics and purpose on their plate than ever before, wanting to feel the passion in the cooking and the identity and the spirit of the owners in the design. Savvy IQ experts have built a model to address this issue and increase the owner’s presence in each business unit, no matter the company size.

Online course:

  •     8 modules/weeks
  •     Reading exercises
  •     Case studies
  •     Individual and group assignments
  •     Discussion forum

Pilot program (6months):

  •     A fraction team & unit selection
  •     Unit assignment
  •     Applying performance measurement tools
  •     Creating reporting & auditing schedules
  •     Pilot program review

Full model roll-out:

  •     Organisational restructure
  •     Performance monitoring tools
  •     Action plan for each level
  •     Yearly Savvy IQ review (for 3 years)

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