Boho Marché - BATH

Concept Development

Boho Marché – Bath

Queen Square, Bath
Concept Development

In December 2020 an eclectic restaurant Boho Marché opened its doors, a concept developed by Savvy IQ for Francis Hotel Bath. The restaurant creates a truly magical oasis within a beautiful Georgian building, introducing something new and exciting to the area. Entering through its own dedicated street entrance, one comes into a floral Andalusian entrance to a homely, decorated reception. Dotted with Parisian bistro furniture, surrounded by the majestic greenery and the soft bar area where one can lounge in the evening with a carefree cocktail. Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean influences on Morocco, the menu offering emphasises on regional flavours, featuring an abundance of local fresh produce.

The design takes cues from Marrakech in the 60s and 70s, when the city flourished because of it becoming a popular destination amongst the western rock stars and musicians, artists, film directors and actors, models, and fashion divas, who heavily influenced city developments. A further combination of British and European flair makes it look like an aesthetically built bohemian market where different cultures collide to create something unique and incredible. Paired with a menu that offers Mediterranean and European cuisine, it is a great place for an all-day dining from breakfast to dinner.

In this concept dining is like a ritual – it invites friends, families, and colleagues to enjoy a meal together and strengthens relationships. Lots of bright colours and intriguing flavours, all surrounded by a homely and cosy interior.