Market & Feasibility Study


Feasibility and market studies are the smart investment choices before the developing any concept. These studies are carried out to understand the risks and opportunities involved with the selected area in order to make an informed decision of what potential concepts should be developed. Our feasibility and market studies consist of an in-depth data collection and analysis of important factors of the area such as demographics, economic climate and local and international competition. By the end of our study, we will recommend the best concept direction to proceed with to our clients.

Preliminary Study

  • Tourism statistics
  • Demographics
  • Economic climate
  • Current F&B trends
  • Site accessibility
  • Demand generators

    Competitor Analysis (primary research)

    • Direct competitors
    • Indirect competitors
    • Parallel competitors (eg international)
    • Future competitors

      Evaluation & Recommendation

      • Informative assessment 
      • Critical evaluation of opportunities 
      • Recommended direction for an F&B concept

        Branding Direction

        • Ideas for brand look & feel
        • Brand collateral direction (menu style, uniforms, business cards, etc.)

        Design Mood Board

        • Initial ideas for interior & exterior
        • Key elements
        • Overall look & feel
        • Ambience throughout different day periods

        Concept Inspiration  

        • Ideas for brand philosophy
        • Brand values and positioning

        Preliminary Space Plan

        • Highlighting key F&B areas
        • Maximising capacity & customer journey efficiency

        F&B Mood Board

        • Cuisine style
        • Initial F&B menu outline
        • Service type

        Concept Brief

        Creating a new restaurant concept is thrilling but the lack of clarity and direction will challenge your chances of it becoming a success. Savvy IQ will help you convey your vision by refining and expanding on its crucial elements. From the information collated in the market and feasibility study, together with detailed discussions and briefs from your team, Savvy IQ will develop the overall concept in a visual and contextual document. This concept brief will convey the essence, style, direction and brand of your concept, which will work as a key guidance document for the appointed designers and contractors.

        Concept Development

        Every concept begins with an idea. However to bring a concept to reality successfully requires more than just a good idea. The core product of the concept has to be developed fully, the right consultants and designers need to be hired, the branding needs to correctly reflect the concept’s vision and the right kitchen equipment needs to be purchased. These are just several of the many challenges and obstacles that are present when it comes to concept development. Concepts that have not been developed correctly will lead to failure.

        Savvy IQ’s pool of hospitality experts can assist in ensuring a successful concept development. With over 26 years of experience in the hospitality industry we are knowledgeable of the sector. We are aware of the latest innovations and trends in the market which play a key part in the decision-making process within concept development stages.

        Our Concept Development service takes 28 weeks to complete and involves three parties: Savvy IQ, the chosen branding company and architects. We work in tandem to ensure deliverables and progress of the project are at maximum productive efficiency. Together, our team of experts will guide you from start to finish.

        Please scroll below to see a timeline for our Concept Development service.

        Concept Development



        Purely focusing on operations at a site level is not enough. To remain competitive, companies also need to create and manage their branding, marketing, advertising and media relations to have an effective communication with guests. Social media platforms need to be leveraged. This is to create a unique identity for your brand, drive brand awareness, increase market exposure, build a clientele and reach new customers. 

        Brand Pack

        • Name generation
        • Brand positioning
        • Brand story
        • Brand philosophy

            Brand Identity

            • Logo & icons
            • Colour palette & graphics
            • Typography
            • Menus
            • Uniform style
            • Signage

              Visual Mood Board

              • Photography style direction
              • Website home page direction 
              • Interior & exterior integration

                Drink menu creation

                • Definition of drink offering
                • Range and depth of offering
                • Signature and classic cocktail menu
                • Wine menu
                • Spirits menu
                • Soft drinks menu
                • Coffee & tea menu

                        Recipe cards

                        • A step-by-step method for each drink preparation
                        • Feasibility of ingredient sourcing
                        • Final drink presentation
                        • Glassware recommendation
                        • Price point recommendation

                            Menu training and testing

                            • Assistance with on-site execution of the menu
                            • In-depth testing of the drink menu and recipe cards

                                  F&B Development – Bar Development

                                  RAISE THE BAR

                                  A drink offering is far more than just a wine or cocktail list. It represents the concept, the theme, the idea. Nowadays everyone enjoys a conversation in a bar over a drink or two, thus it is important that the quality of drinks offering innovation remains unrivaled. Our team will assist you in developing a unique menu to match your concept and food menu.

                                  F&B Development – Culinary Development

                                  INNOVATION IS KEY

                                  Every concept begins with an idea, yet the core product is your menu. The quality, diversity, and uniqueness of the menu are what separates a concept from its competitors. In order to grow, thrive and connect with existing and emerging markets, it is vital for restaurants to stay ahead of as well as embrace the latest trends and innovations of the hospitality world. Our team of experts will add a new and exciting dimension to your menu and create an appetite to perfectly compliment your concept.

                                  Food menu creation

                                  • Definition of food offering
                                  • Range and depth of offering
                                  • Style of cuisine
                                  • Product quality

                                        Recipe cards

                                        • Step-by-step method for each dish
                                        • Feasibility of ingredient sourcing
                                        • Final dish presentation
                                        • Crockery recommendation
                                        • Price point recommendation

                                            Menu training and testing

                                            • Assistance with on-site execution of the menu
                                            • In-depth testing of the food menu and recipe cards

                                                Interior design

                                                • Visual research & exploration
                                                • Concept design
                                                • Detail design
                                                • 3D visualisation design
                                                • Technical drawing
                                                • Delivery

                                                Product design

                                                • User research & exploration
                                                • Concept design
                                                • Detail design
                                                • 3D & prototyping
                                                • Testing
                                                • Material sourcing

                                                    Kitchen & Bar Fit-Out

                                                    • Technical site drawing
                                                    • Equipment list
                                                    • Fit-out design
                                                    • Fit-out finalisation
                                                    • Fit-out installation

                                                    User design

                                                    • Research & exploration
                                                    • Participatory content
                                                    • Creation content production
                                                    • Content sourcing
                                                    • Technical installation
                                                    • Photography

                                                    DESIGN, ARCHITECTURE AND FIT-OUT

                                                    EATING WITH YOUR EYES

                                                    Image matters. The design, look and feel of a concept is more important today than ever. Guest are looking for an experience more than just a meal. Price point, location, offering, vision and ambience (site sound and smell) are all key elements that we consider when it comes to design. Elements such as brand experience, interior design, product design are all relevant in contributing towards the success and uniqueness of a concept. The decor, lighting and kitchen location can mean the difference between an enjoyable dining experience or not. Savvy IQ experts understand this and help designers see what they see.

                                                    PROJECT COORDINATION

                                                    THE CALM IN THE CHAOS

                                                    Major investment into a site that is being developed into a restaurant or bar requires constant reviews and controls in order to guarantee success. Being unable to meet agreed timelines, budgets and desired results for vital factors such as MEP, construction and design give rise to lengthy delays of the project. This, in turn affects the project opening date, hence risking the financial stability of the concept. Savvy IQ can assist in launching a successful F&B concept by overseeing and managing the relevant project. Using successful past projects as benchmarks, Savvy IQ knows when aspects of the project could delay the schedule.

                                                    Brand coordination

                                                    • Constant communication with brand company
                                                    • Revision sessions
                                                    • Ensuring concept alignment and consistency
                                                    Construction supervision

                                                    • Production information review
                                                    • Design information review
                                                    • Regular site visits
                                                    • Concept inspections

                                                    Operational advisory

                                                    • Organisational structure
                                                    • Service procedures and training
                                                    • Concept implementation
                                                    • Staffing levels and operations budget
                                                    • Maintenance management
                                                    Kitchen advisory

                                                    • Tender document review
                                                    • Procurement list review
                                                    • Equipment review
                                                    • Budget alignment

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