Concept Creation

Our concept creation category consists of the following services:

  • Concept Development
  • Culinary Development
  • Bar Development
  • Architecture & Fit-out
  • Masterplanning
  • Project Management

Concept Development

Every concept begins with an idea. However to bring a concept to reality successfully requires more than just a good idea. The core product of the concept has to be developed fully, the right consultants and designers need to be hired, the branding needs to correctly reflect the concept’s vision and the right kitchen equipment needs to be purchased. These are just several of the many challenges and obstacles that are present when it comes to concept development. Concepts that have not been developed correctly will lead to failure.

Savvy IQ’s pool of hospitality experts can assist in ensuring a successful concept development. With over 26 years of experience in the hospitality industry we are knowledgeable of the sector. We are aware of the latest innovations and trends in the market which play a key part in the decision-making process within concept development stages.

Our Concept Development service takes 28 weeks to complete and involves three parties: Savvy IQ, the chosen branding company and architects. We work in tandem to ensure deliverables and progress of the project are at maximum productive efficiency. Together, our team of experts will guide you from start to finish.

Please scroll below to see a timeline for our Concept Development service.

Concept Development

Culinary Development

Innovation is key.

Every concept begins with an idea, yet the core product is your menu. The difference between failure and success is how much development has been put into the core product; the menu. Décor, ambiance, service and price point all play a crucial part, however, the quality, diversity, and uniqueness of a menu are what separates a concept from the competitors. It is imperative that culinary development be properly implemented for a concept. Food is our passion, and we are the experts. We create an appetite for your concept.

At Savvy IQ we strongly emphasise the importance of culinary development. In order to grow, thrive and connect with new and existing markets, it is vital for restaurants to stay ahead and embrace the latest trends and innovations of the hospitality world. What is the core product of your menu? Our experienced team of experts can assist in culinary development, adding a new and exciting dimension to menus. From menu creation to the micro details of crockery design we will ensure your culinary offering is second to none.

Savvy IQ’s world-class culinary development team have been involved with successful projects such as Nobu, Hakkasan, Chotto Matte, Chester Boyd, The Savoy, London Metropole Hotel, Aspects Restaurants, Royal Garden Hotel, the Milestone Hotel, and several other fine dining hotels.

Bar Development

Raise the bar.

Everyone likes to talk over a drink or two. At Savvy IQ we can assist by making drinks that people will talk about. Focus, theme, uniqueness, and costing are just some of the factors that play a large role in dictating the quality of a drink offering compared to its competitors. Bar development is essential as it contributes towards the success and image of a concept.

A drink offering is far more than just a wine or cocktail list. It represents the concept, the theme, the idea. Nowadays everyone likes to talk over a drink or two in a bar thus it is important that the quality and innovation of drinks offering remains unrivalled. What is the focus of your bar? Savvy IQ’s team of experts can assist in bar development.

We will innovate menus to match concepts whilst bearing in mind of the costing and the competition involved.Savvy IQ’s bar development team comprises of our Cocktail Bar Specialist (George Matzaridis) and Master of Wine (Ron Georgiou). Some successful past developments projects include Hakkasan, Yauatcha, Hilton Hotel Group, Conrad Hotel Group and Ping Pong restaurant.

Design, Architecture & Fit-out

Eating with our eyes.

Image matters. The design, look and feel of an F&B outlet is important and many factors contribute to the finish. Price point, location, offering, vision, and budget are key elements that we consider when it comes to design.Elements such as brand experience, interior design, product design are all relevant in contributing towards the success and uniqueness of a concept. The decór, lighting and kitchen location can mean the difference between an enjoyable dining experience or not. Savvy IQ experts understand this and help designers see what they see.

Savvy IQ are partnered with Andy Martin Architecture (AMA) and Superfutures as our designers and architects. We have a partnership with Kenyard Distributors for kitchen and bar fit-outs. Andy Martin Architecture is an award winning London-based, full service Architectural and Design practice which has been led by Andy Martin for more than a decade. Operating across Commercial, Retail and Residential Architectural sectors, AMA provides the creative strength behind some of the most dynamic and commercially proven global hospitality and retail environments in operation, as well as consistently striking and unique private Residential schemes. AMA has collaborated with renounced restaurants in past projects such as Barrafina, Chotto Matte, and Fucina.

Superfutures is the sister company of AMA. Due to continued success and growing demand, Andy Martin decided to expand the company by offering a full Design Service for brands and businesses. Superfutures have been involved with restaurants in past projects including Patara, Ping Pong, Obica and Theo Randall at the Intercontinental.

Kenyard Distributors has been a trusted supplier of commercial catering equipment and services for over 30 years. As an established UK distributor, the company has built up professional working partnerships with leading manufacturers from around the world specialising in Rosinox, Friginox and Sterisystemssupplying high-end products to suit all catering requirements.


failing to plan is planning to fail.

Masterplans represent a vision and a strategic decision-making tool in explaining how a site or an area will be developed. This is especially relevant to landlords, hotels and shopping malls from a macro perspective and restauranteurs from a micro perspective. Careful masterplanning may be the key difference in how space-efficient a concept or area is, thus being able to attain a greater profit rate. At Savvy IQ, with more then 26 years of F&B masterplanning, we relish the challenge of developing your site into a fully unforgettable one. Our 4 stage masterplanning process ensures sites and areas are operating at a maximum space efficiency.

Savvy IQ excel at preparing or directing the preparation of conceptual hotel masterplans, large-scale tourism masterplans and project planning aimed at visualising a resort development. Our projects have ranged from large luxury hotel resorts to urban design frameworks for overseas shopping malls. We work for private developers and investors, landowners, restauranteurs and the public sector of all kinds. 

We use our experience with planners and architects to improve their design and land-use perspectives and strengthen the project with our understanding of the market, trends and operational knowledge to determine the best development opportunities. Our masterplanning process is broken down into 4 stages: vision, the macro-level masterplan, the micro-level masterplan and the concept suitability stage.

Project Management

Major investment into a site or area that is being developed into a restaurant or bar requires constant reviews and controls in order to guarantee success. Not being able to meet agreed timeline, budgets and desired result for vital factors such as MEP, construction and design give rise to lengthy delays of the project. This, in turn affects the project opening date hence risking the financial stability of the concept. Savvy IQ can assist in launching a F&B outlet by overseeing and managing the relevant project. Using successful past projects as benchmarks, Savvy IQ knows when aspects of the project are running behind schedule.

We offer a turnkey solution from the inception of a concept idea to opening. Whilst the costs associated with project management is included in the fit-out budget of our financial models, it is not part of the concept development stage. Project management begins at week 4 to week 48 of the concept development timeline and happens simultaneously to concept development (please refer to concept development section for more details).

Savvy IQ experts can assist in project management. Factors that we project manage include the main fit out and construction works for the restaurant or bar. We will support the needs of our client by ensuring costs are agreed in line with budgets and time sensitive objectives are met. With over 26 years of experience in concept development, Savvy IQ will ensure that projects are delivered seamlessly.