Business Operations

Our business operations category consists of the following services:

  • Turnaround Strategies
  • Menu Engineering
  • Culinary & Bar Review
  • Operational Management
  • Key People Recruitment

Turnaround Strategies

Make your concept profitable.

Savvy IQ specialises in radical turnarounds of concepts that may not have been performing to expectations. Trends in the market, F&B cost, labour cost, operations, and procedures are few of the critical elements that might be contributing towards the underperformance of concepts. It is imperative to rectify this as soon as possible as prolonged under-performances can lead to concept failures. Savvy IQ will access, analyse, evaluate and deliver implementation strategies which include all the business elements of the concept.

Due to the uniqueness and the complexity of situations requiring turnaround strategies, we stake our professional reputation on being able to turn concepts around day-in day-out. Our team of experts can help concepts improve its business financial outcome. To stabilise a concept, this often requires a combination of expertise and knowledge over factors such as management, operations, strategy, finance, and marketing to understand what is working and what isn’t.

Savvy IQ team will work on site, acknowledging and identify the underlying problems, then develop and implement problem-solving strategies. We have optimised our strategies to enable us to overcome situations by bringing a unique toolkit and experience to our clients. Our deliverables are qualitative and quantitative findings backed by our analyses followed by implementation strategies to take on in order to yield improvements. As long as you are willing to commit, we will get the job done.

Menu Engineering

Your menu is your sales tool.

Optimise your menu offering, boost your profitability. That’s what menu engineering strives to do in a nutshell. More profitability per guests, more growth. Margins, popularity of dishes, cost percentages, profitability; menu engineering take all of these important financial factors into account which allows owners to have a clearer and better understanding of their concept performance. Lack of menu engineering can result in businesses being less profitable thus becoming less competitive in the market by allowing its competitors to gain market share in faster growth.

Whilst culinary and bar development look at the creation of dishes and beverages of a concept, menu engineering involves the analysis of profitability and popularity of menu items and subsequently the optimization of the menu. Sometimes referred as “Menu Psychology”, if done correctly this method can further the profitability per guest of concepts. The study and strategies behind menu engineering apply to all types of menu: traditional food menus, wine lists, menu boards, online menus. If you sell items that have varying levels of popularity and profitability, then menu engineering can be a great way of increasing your concept’s profitability.

Culinary & Bar Review

Outside perspective.

An outside objective perspective can often reveal issues that have not been thought of by its internal employees. Quality of ingredients, portion sizes, presentation and sequence of services are some of the key factors that we look for when implementing a culinary & bar review. It is essential to have a culinary & bar review to ensure the F&B of a concept stays ahead and competitive in comparison to its competitors in the market. A mistake in the key factors that are mentioned above can be the decision that a customer is choosing to dine at your competitor instead.

Is your F&B up to scratch? Unsure of what business operation services you need? Gaining a third opinion on the F&B of a concept can be an assurance on the quality of core products that are being sold to customers. It will take approximately one full week to complete a full culinary and bar review depending on the size of the concept’s F&B. Our Savvy IQ team will analyse the culinary and bar menu of the concept in detail, item by item. The factors we will look into include consumer trends, menu items, quality of ingredients, pricing.

Operational Management

In good hands.

Savvy IQ’s operational management service is suitable for owners and ownership groups that require diligent overseeing of their F&B outlet. Savvy IQ oversees aspect of the operations including front and back of house duties, financial accounting, marketing & PR initiatives and board-level leadership. The difference between concept failure and success depend greatly on the management and leadership in these operational sectors. With the Savvy IQ team at the helm, their clients will be at ease knowing their concept are in good hands. The increase in profitability, cost savings, improvements and guest satisfaction due to our expertise often offset our fee to operationally manage the concept!

After the development of your concept, Savvy IQ experts can be appointed to manage and operate the restaurant or bar from full operational level to board level. Our team has worked in the catering and hospitality business for over 26 years. We have experience of working in hotels, restaurants and in contract catering for some of the finest and largest reputable companies both in the UK and abroad. With our CEO, Executive Head Chef and our Operations Director comprising the operational management team, Savvy IQ will ensure your concept is operating at maximum efficiency.

Key People Recruitment

The greatest asset in the hospitality industry are the people. At Savvy IQ we are a team with vast experience in the industry thus we understand the importance of having the correct people for the right roles. Having the wrong person in the wrong role can play a decisive part in the downfall of a concept as unassured decisions are made.

As part of the turnkey solutions that are available from Savvy IQ, we offer key people recruitment services of positions such as the CEO, COO, CFO, Head Chef, Executive Chef, Finance Controller and other similar positions. Savvy IQ are partnered up with several recruitment professionals in the hospitality industry, and with the combined database of these professionals, we are able to find the right people.

Savvy IQ’s recruiters were established with a genuine desire to do things differently. They are dedicated to the idea that the key to achieving the best results is working closely with their clients to fully understand their culture and genetics. With full knowledge of their core DNA and an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges, they are able to secure the right talent. Savvy IQ’s recruiters invests significant time to understand businesses, culture and specific requirements offering a bespoke approach.