Our business operations category consists of the following services:


Turnaround Strategies


Savvy IQ specialises in radical turnarounds of concepts that are not meeting expectations. Trends in the market, F&B costs, labour costs, operations management, and procedures are few of the critical elements that might be contributing towards the underperformance of concepts. It is imperative to rectify this as soon as possible as prolonged pressures can lead to concept failures.

Savvy IQ will access, analyse, evaluate and deliver implementation strategies which include all the business elements of the concept. Due to the uniqueness and the complexity of situations requiring turnaround strategy, we stake our professional reputation on being able to turn concepts around day-in, day-out.

External factors

  • Market research
  • Industry trends

Concept assessment

  • Operations (FOH & BOH) review
  • Marketing review
  • Design review
  • Menu review
  • Financial review (F&B and labour costs)

      Problem-solving strategies

      • Findings report
      • Solution implementation proposal
      • Concept development



          An outside perspective can often reveal issues that have not been thought of by its internal team. Quality of ingredients, portion sizes, presentation and sequence of services are some of the key factors that we look for when implementing a culinary and bar review. It is essential to have a culinary and bar review to ensure the F&B of a concept stays ahead and competitive in comparison to its competitors in the market. A critical fault of many concepts is to not consider some or all of the items above mentioned an leads to whether a customer chooses to dine with you or you competitor.

          On-site analysis

          • Food analysis
          • Beverage analysis
          • Service analysis


                • Findings & observations
                • Evaluation
                • Recommendations

                    • Service procedures and training 
                    • Reporting structures & accountabilities 
                    • Technology systems (HR, POS, Food Management, Payment Systems)
                    Head office

                    • Marketing & PR initiatives
                    • Financial accounting
                    • HR procedures & key people recruitment
                    Board level

                    • Organisational Structure
                    • F&B management
                    • Company leadership

                    OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT

                    PUT YOUR FUTURE IN GOOD HANDS

                    Savvy IQ’s operational management service is suitable for owners and ownership groups that require diligent overseeing of their F&B outlets. Savvy IQ oversees aspects of the operations including front and back of house duties, financial accounting, marketing and PR initiatives and board-level leadership. The difference between concept failure and success depends greatly on the management and leadership in these operational sectors. With the Savvy IQ team at the helm, our clients will be at ease knowing their concept are in good hands. The increase in profitability, cost savings, improvements and guest satisfaction due to our expertise often offset our fee to operationally manage the business!

                    KEY PEOPLE RECRUITMENT


                    The greatest assets in a business are the people. At Savvy IQ we are a team with vast experience in the industry thus we understand the importance of having the right people for the right roles. The team is integral to delivering the concepts vision, managing the business performance and maximising profits. With the full knowledge of our client core DNA, an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges and a vast network of hospitality recruitment professionals, we are able to secure the right talent for you.

                    Chief level

                    • CEO
                    • CFO
                    • COO

                            Executive level

                            • Executive chef
                            • Executive director
                            • Financial controller
                            • Marketing director
                            • HR procedures

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